Why Motivators Don’t Motivate Me?

Hello everyone, I am Arya.

It is my first blog. I wanted to express my views on motivators from a long time. I never thought about this issue before but after lockdown I observed a lot of things that I feel are necessary to be shared.

first of all I don’t hate motivators at all. but there is something in them ( not all of them though) that I find missing which is a practical approach. nobody wants to accept the fact that all dreams can’t be true. everyone has their own fantasies, success films running in their minds when actually they aren’t doing anything. some motivators make their audience feel that ‘ do what you want’ instead of ‘do what you can’ as a result we start to expect which is something that should not be there, to actually make your dreams come true. I am not a blade cutter of dreams saying dreams can’t come true but saying it can come true if you have the capabilities. say for e.g. He/She wants to top the board exam of class 12th but what if they don’t study for it and do only is scrolling on social media. then when failed saying that – “this exam can’t judge me” and coming up with dialogues of their own understanding of so called motivating quotes given by motivators that “a single sheet of paper can’t judge my future.” “degrees don’t matter” “the true successful people scored less than 50 percent and see them” this is called hypocrisy. and many people get convinced by that but does anyone thought why successful people even after getting less than 50 percent in exams got what they want? because they did what they could, they worked hard and reached where they deserved to but what examples they become by the wrong understanding of their life. there is this seed planted by some motivators( also can be a friend) who make you expect from yourselves making you dream that your dream of having a ‘grand house’ can be true of course it can be. but do they tell how? did someone told you how to reach your dreams? noooo, they tell you the half truth. but they don’t tell you the reality of life. life one day makes you realize what you can do which often does not match with what you want leading to realize who you are but life is also very cunning it tells you when the time is gone. it tells you when it is too late. motivators know this truth but they don’t tell I can’t say why because everyone has their own reasons and may be they don’t even know themselves lol. now when this harsh truth hits the person either he or she survives or dies. now this death can be the actual death or can be the death of your inner self which was the one always trying to tell you who you are but became recessive than your surroundings. motivators are, for sure ,not need to be blamed for this but they do hold a place for the wrong.

So wake uppppp!!!!!;

The thing that I only wanted to say is that practical approach towards your dreams are necessary to reach where you want . that is , reach where you deserve according to your capabilities. how this can be done ? when you listen to yourself , make your own principles , don’t fall in the trap of what success is the eyes of others but what is your dream your inner self tells you. motivators often tell you to set target now , they don’t tell you what kind of target they meant by . people often misinterpret this and set very unpractical goal but I believe when you don’t know the future, when you don’t know the fruit of your karma ,how can you decide the result? the true spirit of motivation is when you know that only your karma must be good what you do must be something that can lead you to satisfaction not artificial happiness. did any motivators tell us what WE must strive for? you will say of course –happiness. yes that is why- Why motivators don’t motivate me because they tell the path of finding happiness but I strive for satisfaction a route where I know is difficulty but will surely not lead me to temptations of short term happiness like making tik toks or having lots of followers but a the long term happiness where I will find peace of mind within myself.

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